Welcome to my online portfolio/blog.

As you can probably guess, My name is Michael Whittle…

In short, I Graduated from Liverpool Community College in 2005 after completing a BTEC National Diploma in Graphic design. In 2008, I then went on to graduate from St Helens College of Art and Design with a BA (Honours) in Digital Graphic Design.

I was lucky enough to graduate during the ‘UK credit crunch’ which basically saw more companies firing people as appose to hiring them… woo yay!

I continued to work in retail whilst trying to pursue my career in the design industry. Thankfully, my supervision fully supported me in my career aspirations (not!).

Fast forward 12+ years later… I never actually got a job in a design studio. I did however, work on several projects for ‘clients’ as a freelancer. This became the deal sealer for me. Late nights, minimal pay, no appreciation and “Do this for free, and there will be more work in the future” or “My mate knows someone who can do it for cheaper” started to make me wake up in cold sweats.

…. anyways, I digress! I try and keep my hand in designing whether it be for helping out close friends or as a pastime. I hope you enjoy my work…